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Culligan® Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products and services can save your business time and money. Our C&I products feature state-of-the-art technology to help your business save time and money. Our C&I engineers have the expertise to develop the best water treatment solution for your business, and our experienced service technicians have the training to keep it running at peak efficiency for years to come. Say goodbye to excessive equipment maintenance, low flow rates and high operating costs with Culligan® Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products!
Our global network, comprised of more than 810 dealers with international offices in 91 countries, is dedicated to solving any and all water-related problems. As the unrivalled worldwide leader in water treatment, our sales representatives and service technicians are experienced professionals, uniquely qualified to understand and treat water conditions in your area.
Local dealerships with global oversight ensure that no one is better equipped than Culligan to deliver customized solutions to any water issues that affect your business and your bottom line. Culligan commercial products are used in a variety of industries including restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, medical facilities and many, many more.

Benefits of Culligan® Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Equipment:

  • Reduce labor and maintenance costs
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Reduce chemical expenses
  • Reduce detergent expenses
  • Increase equipment life span
  • Eliminate scale build up in dish machine, water heater and pipes
Culligan offers a wide variety of commercial and industrial products and services, and will help find the perfect solution for the budget and water treatment needs of your business.
Contact your local Culligan Man™ for more info on our commercial and industrial solutions.

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What Clients Say
After we lost water pressure for all our water faucets, and our water supply company reported to us that there was no problem with water reaching our property, we called Culligan. Happy Culligan customers, we suspected that our water problem might be related to our Culligan system or the underground water supply to our Culligan system. Culligan San Marcos sent out their technician (Dustin) within two hours, he diagnosed the problem, and then worked diligently to fix it. Our Culligan water softener was functioning properly, but tree roots had broken an underground pipe coupling (about 40 inches below the surface), causing all water to flow into the ground. Dustin worked hard to fix this broken coupling (replacing it with a looping configuration of piping) and had the water again flowing to our house by mid-afternoon. Dustin showed himself to be a professional willing to go above-and-beyond. We love (and need) Culligan's soft water, and can attest to their excellent customer service also!
Culligan Customer
David Nesenholtz
- Culligan Customer