Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems from Viqua

Safe drinking water without the use of chemicals.

Remove Harmful Viruses and Bacteria Safely

Our Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems from Viqua delivers safe water throughout your whole home. Each UV system uses powerful Ultraviolet light to kill off harmful bacteria and viruses, providing safe water without the use of chemicals.
The family of compact UV water systems with or without the integrated pre-filter provide a reliable and economical way to treat drinking water in any residential application. Viqua’s products have been designed and tested to ensure quality drinking water is at everyone’s fingertips. Regardless of your need, there is a UV system to suit your requirements. We offer systems that range in flow rates from just 5 GPM for a small home or cottage, up to 18 GPM for a larger home or small business.

Benefits of the Ultraviolet Water System:

  • Provide safe, clean drinking water
  • Chemical-free
  • The controller visually displays the remaining lamp life and will go into alarm if the lamp fails.
  • Space-efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers reliable UV lamp output regardless of power fluctuations
  • The system is simple to maintain and service
  • Recognized by Health Authorities of North America

How Does It Work?

As the water enters the stainless-steel pipe, the UV light penetrates the bacteria’s cell walls and alters the DNA. It eliminates the ability for the bacteria to reproduce. Making your water safe.
UV Disinfection process diagram

Available Ultraviolet Water Systems

Selection of available UV products

Product Specification Sheets

Culligan Pricing

Looking for pricing? Every Ultraviolet Water System and installation plan is customized based on your water treatment needs. Your local Culligan Man™ will review your water concerns, the size of your household and even your home's plumbing before recommending the perfect drinking water solution for you and your budget.

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What Clients Say
We started renting last month, paying $40/month. They don't have an online portal, but offer auto-pay. Initial install was pricey ($900) because of how our house was set up. You may or may not end up with a big install bill. The install takes a good 6-8 hours. Happy with the equipment, install, and service. Big shout out to our sales rep, Jason, who was patient with all my questions. He was friendly, professional, efficient, responsive, and respectful about wearing a mask while in our home. One piece of feedback is sales reps should wear proper masks (surgical or cloth, or double masking since CDC guidance has changed), instead of the pull-up neck covering things (not sure what they are called). Those have been proven to be less effective that a regular mask. A few weeks after the install, Jason followed up with a phone call to make sure we we had everything we needed. If you're considering a water softener, it is 100% worth it. We immediately noticed a big difference with showering and laundry. 10/10, highly recommend!
Culligan Customer
- Culligan Customer